Replaces the On / Off Switch on the wire harness.

Remotely turn your LED Light Bar or Rock Lights On and Off or select from 16 different Flashing Strobe Functions

Plugs Directly Into Our Wire Harness.

This Module Requires A Relay.  We Recommend Purchasing Our Wire Harness.  However It Is Not Necessary.  You may choose to wire it yourself using your own wiring and relay.  Some splicing is require. When choosing to do this some wiring knowledge or professional installation required.

If choosing to wire it yourself this is the information on the strobe module wiring.

*Use Only The Wires With The Female Plug.  Disregard The Wires With The Male Plug

*Black Wire Is Ground
*White Wire Is Hot From Battery
*Blue Wire Goes To The Load

*Follow The Rest Of The Wiring Instructions From The Relay You Have Purchased

*Module Is Rated At 1.5amps.  A relay is require to use this module or warranty will be VOIDED.   

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Remote On / Off & Flashing Strobe Module

  • $39.99

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