Buy here with confidence. All our LED products have a Lifetime Warranty. We want our customers to purchase with confidence knowing they won't wont have to worry about having a working product or not. 

***PLEASE NOTE. AT THIS TIME OUR LIFETIME WARRANTY IS ONLY OFFERED TO USA RESIDENTS ONLY.  DUE TO THE HIGH COST OF INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING WE DO NOT WARRANTY ANY ITEMS SHIPPED OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES. (We are willing to work with international customers on warranty claims.  The international customer would be responsible for shipping the product back to us and for the return shipping)

All lights are covered from defects, including a bad LED emitter or moisture in the light, for as long as you own it. Be sure to keep your receipt or proof of purchase for any warranty claims.

  • We will repair or replace your product for no charge for as long as you own it.

All you have to do is ship it back to us, we will pay the shipping to you on all warranty claims with defective findings.  If you ship a product back to us and we find nothing wrong with the product and the product is perfect working condition the customer is responsible for paying for shipping the product from us back to the customer. 

The following problems are covered under our extensive warranty, moisture in the light, LED failure, driver failure, and any other defect that shows up during  normal operation.

Opening the light voids the warranty.  We have safety seals to ensure a sealed housing unit against tampering.

*Professional Installation Recommended

What is NOT covered, broke end caps due to improper mounting, cracked or broken lenses (also moisture inside due to cracked lens), improper voltage used, improper wiring, any housing damage, deterioration or faded color and damage due to crashes, fire or rollovers.

The Lifetime Warranty is NOT Transferable.

Please Contact Us first before sending any product back so we can troubleshoot with you.  The problem may be with wiring or battery source and not always with the light.  Please allow us to trouble shoot the problem and verify it is the light before sending back.  If you send back a light and we test it and the light is fully functional you will be responsible for the return shipping.

After verifying the light is defective please fill out a return form before returning.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for your product to be replaced due to unknown factors such as the availability of parts to fix it or inventory to replace it.


*Please Note at this time LED Rock and Dome Lights are not covered under warranty for moisture.  The lens is not sealed, however the circuit board is.  The leds will continue to work with moisture behind the lens and the moisture will evaporate when in a dry environment.

*There is no expressed or implied warranty on any parts of the wiring harness including the switch, fuse, fuse holder, or relay.  



Please use the RETURNS form on our website for all return authorizations.